…is this the easiest
starting mower ever!?!
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It’s the perfect combination of
petrol power and
smart starting
No more pulling
No more priming
No more choking
A traditional lawn mower will be started 1000’s of times over its life, by pulling the starting rope. InStart from Briggs & Stratton delivers the next generation in easy starting. Ingenious integration of engine and battery gives you cutting power at a touch. No more pulling to start!
See for yourself…
how easy InStart is to use!
Just ‘clip’ in battery, touch and mow!
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It’s the smarter
way to start!
…charge it!
…clip it!
Check it out…
Here’s what consumers say…
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Supported by our
manufacturing partners.
We questioned more than 250 people at the Harrogate Flower Show to understand what they thought of their existing mower as well as their reaction to the New IS InStart System.
is this the easiest starting
“What I don’t
like about my
current mower.”
frustration with Petrol Mower Owners is… The Starting!
frustration with Electric Mower Owners is… The Cable
“What I will look for
next time I buy a
Petrol Mower.”
of who responded said that the feature they would look for is…
“One touch starting!!!”
“Is starting the
InStart Mower, easier, harder or
the same as expected?”
After taking the
InStart challenge…
…charge it!
…clip it!
said it was easier
or much easier than expected!
“It’s such a joy to
find that it was so
easy to start.”
100% said they would be more likely or much more likely
to look for InStart the next time they were buying a mower!
Briggs & Stratton…
over 100 years of innovation
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