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We take environmental concerns very seriously; listening to consumers, taking on board the latest research and directives resulting in the development and introduction of our latest technology engines.

Briggs & Stratton® engines featuring ECO PLUS™ Emissions Reducing Technology deliver significantly improved environmental performance.

All petrol engine emissions are regulated by the European Union and all of Briggs & Stratton’s engines meet these strict emission standards. ECO PLUS goes further, significantly reducing evaporative fuel emissions when equipment is not in use.

By reducing evaporative emissions, the EX-SERIES ECO PLUS™ engines provide the ideal performance package for the environmentally conscious consumer.

ReadyStart® Starting System

S2 Start Guarantee®

Our ReadyStart® System sets the standard for easy starting. The innovative break through starting system eliminates the need to manually prime or choke the engine before starting. It recognises the temperature of the engine and supplies the exact amount of fuel needed to the carburetor.

ReadyStart® takes the guesswork out of starting the engine and is only available on selected engine models, and you can find details on which ones here.

The Briggs & Stratton S2 Start Guarantee® offers you the peace of mind that our engines will start within two pulls every time guaranteed. Our continual pursuit for total product reliability backed by more than 100 years of design and innovation has resulted in this unique product guarantee. The S2 Start Guarantee® is offered on all our ReadyStart® engines. View the S2 Start Guarantee detail here.

Overhead Valve Technology is the core technology used in a number of E-Series™ engines. By combining Overhead Valve Technology with world class machining and manufacturing processes gained over 100 years, results in a highly efficient engine delivering optimal power with lower emissions per cc.

The patented Direct Overhead Valve (DOV®) engine delivers breakthrough performance driven by technology that makes a difference you can see, feel and hear. The DOV® delivers more torque, improved sound quality and less noise and vibration than any other engine in its class.

Briggs & Stratton continually strive to deliver engines with exceptional sound and tonal quality. With the Lo-Tone™ and Super Lo-Tone™ muffler systems you are assured of excellent sound and tonal performance.

Advanced mechanical governing systems are a standard feature on the E-Series engine range. The governing system allows for better engine speed and performance under variable load conditions. Whether it be damp or long grass which is cut, the mechanical governor will ensure the engine speed is maintained and ultimately delivers the right power all the time.