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Briggs & Stratton® engines featuring ECO PLUS™ Emissions Reducing Technology deliver significantly improved environmental performance.

We take environmental concerns very seriously; listening to consumers, taking on board the latest research and directives resulting in the development and introduction of our latest technology engines.

All petrol engine emissions are regulated by the European Union and all of Briggs & Stratton’s engines comply with European Exhaust Emissions Standards. ECO PLUS goes further, significantly reducing evaporative fuel emissions when equipment is not in use.

Evaporative fuel emissions happen in two ways:

Permeation emissions are the result of reactive organic gas molecules penetrating through the walls of the fuel system components, e.g. fuel tank walls, fuel lines, gaskets and seals.

By reducing evaporative emissions, the EX-SERIES™ ECO PLUS™ engines provide the ideal performance package for the environmentally conscious consumer.

Venting emissions are the result of fuel evaporating. The fuel evaporation will exit the fuel system by way of venting.