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Reduced exhaust emissions performance is at the heart of all New E-Series engines. In addition to improved emissions, the E-Series engines deliver the power, performance and reliability people have come to expect from Briggs & Stratton. The E-Series engines provide a compelling value package with reduced emissions for those consumers who are looking for exceptional value for money.

The EX-Series™ engines include all the performance attributes of the E-Series engines but deliver more. In addition to reduced emissions, outstanding performance and reliability the EX-Series™ offer maximum power together with the innovative ReadyStart® starting system. The EX-Series™ offers the ultimate power solution for those consumers looking for the best performance package.

In addition to the reduced exhaust emissions and innovative ReadyStart® starting system, the EX-Series™ engines featuring ECO PLUS™ Emission Reducing Technology also significantly reduce the evaporative fuel emissions when the equipment is not in use.

By reducing the evaporative emissions, the EX-SERIES ECO PLUS™ engines provide the ideal performance package for the environmentally conscious consumer.

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